Opening tools for Apple devices

Millons of iPod, iPhone, and iPad users have benefited from our services.

What we do and why we do it

Classifled as the best-known opening tool in the worid, iSesamo came into existence in 2010 due to the Increasing need for a simple way to replace iPod batterles. This tool is an ideal go-to solution for those no nave the same need to open their devices.

Dottorpod has helped millions of iPod, iPhone, and iPad users by providing innovative tools for both "simple" battery replacement and more complex repairs usually done by specialized technicians.

The various models of devices have become increasingly difficult to open as they evolved, making the development of new opening systems and tools a necessity. Thanks to constant feedback from repair shops, we were able to turn this into a reality, build and field test unique and original tools that are extremely effective.

* Dottorpod celebrated 1 million iSesamo tools sold in 2019

Why to choose our tools?
  • • Designed by long-experienced repair professionals

  • • A wide variety of professionally crafted shapes, sizes and thicknesses

  • • Uncompromised raw material quality, such as special steels and plastics

The real secret, however, lies in the hand-finished and sharpened tool part that is used to separate the glass from the frame, the adhesive from the flex cable, the glass from the LCD, and so on.

We don't strive to be the best as much as we do to be of great value and stand out from many competitors who just aim to sell out, imitating the work of others.

Once customers use our innovative tools, they never look for other similar or inferior copies, making them must-have tools for every retailer or repair shop owner.