Opening tools for Apple devices

Resellers Program

Dealers from new countries are always welcome to apply.
For more than 10 years now, dottorpod has been helping millions of professional and amateur repairmen get their devices repaired by producing specific opening tools for Apple devices.
At the same time hundreds of retailers have generated increasing profits over the years.

Resellers we want:
dottordpod tools are sold in several countries of the globe and new resellers are welcome. Reputable companies who care about their customers and are ready to provide the best products on the market.

Dealers we don't want:
those businesses always looking for the lowest price that believe that only by offering one lower price to another can they thrive.

dottorpod has been producing original tools for iPhone and iPad disassembly for more than 10 years, helping thousands (perhaps millions since iSesamo alone has exceeded 1.5 million pieces sold)
of professional and non-professional repairers and we would like to continue doing so for the future.

This means working with the best materials available, continuous tests and comparisons with repairers from all over the world listening to their needs.

All of this has a cost.
It would be easier to copy what is already available, use the worst material to sell at the lowest possible price in perfect Chinese style...
but we are not Chinese!

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